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Song ~ Story ~ Blessing

Book Keale for a performance, cultural workshop, wedding, house or business blessing ~

Keale is available to perform at festivals, fundraisers, house concerts, and private events in Hawai'i, the United States and anywhere in the world.

He is a gifted teacher with a passion for culture & Hawaiian music, leadership & education with people of all ages. He has worked in partnerships to develop culture-based materials for the Department of Education and the University of Hawaii.

Keale's unique relationship to others like him in various tribes from the Cherokee Nation (His Grandmother was Cherokee) to the Western & Pacific Northwest tribes, his workshops are highly accessible and broad in scope. He speaks on a range of subjects such as music & ukulele, the honoring of culture, leadership & learning and pattern & connection in Way-Finding. Keale is available for workshops, retreats, and cultural events.

A souful story teller with an easy-going spirit, Keale values the place of ceremony & ritual that is meaningful & memorable to those operating in the business world or moving into to a new home. As a kahu (minister), Keale officiates weddings with a deep sense of aloha and offers a natural blending of "Hawaiian" with a traditional wedding ceremony.  He can also provide music for the ceremony and/or reception. Keale's blessings are truly one of a kind!

Book Keale today by calling (808)382-2009 or emailing