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Bill Griffin


Bill Griffin is widely known as a musician in both bluegrass and Hawaiian music genres. A luthier and veteran mandolinist, he is also the inventor of the "mandolele", which is a nylon-stringed mandolin that he first crafted in 1986. Born in Glendale, California, Griffin's first exposure to music came through his father, a pianist in a Dixieland jazz band. Griffin began playing ukulele at age five, guitar soon thereafter, and mandolin at age nineteen. He also plays piano and bass.

Bill crossed paths with Keale at a time when the concept of "Kanaka Roots Music" was being born. Music considered to be deeply rooted in conversations with Hawaiian Kupuna (Elders), language & place but then dished up in the form of bluegrass/americana, cumbia & jarocho music was all but unheard of! Bill provides the bluegrass side of that very much "alive" conversation.